Thank you for volunteering for the MMSD!

(Update 2/13/23 - MMSD is experiencing issues with hosting more courses on this platform. For now, the training requirements are paused. A background check and COVID vaccine are still requirements.)

These trainings are self-paced -- your progress will be saved if you need to leave and come back. Trainings need to be completed only once.

These are for all volunteers (community and family) and non-MMSD personnel who come into school buildings and work with students.

MMSD is committed to anti-racist practices, equity, inclusion, and upholding our core beliefs. These trainings are in alignment with that vision, and it's important for volunteers to have a shared understanding. MMSD places a high value on safety and well-being; these training modules are important for the safety and well-being of students, staff, and volunteers.

The objectives of the trainings are: Infections disease prevention health practices; safety and security protocols; and grounding in MMSD anti-racist mission/vision, identity and relationships, and strategies. See below for offerings in both English and Spanish languages.